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 .Credit Professionals International supports our members by providing opportunities

               for networkingcareer development and community involvement

 CPI, funded with a grant from the foundation is sponsoring  Banzai!   

                                    460 Students have signed up for the program!

Banzai!  is a financial Literacy program geared to teach children life skills. 

This programs is FREE to the schools, the cost is absorbed by sponsors like CPI!

   We currenty are sponsoring   8 schools

          LOCals now sponsoring:  Alamo, Tx, Ann Arbor, MI, Indianapolis, IN,

              Jackson, TN, Atlanta, GA  & Las Madrugadoras, NM!  


Credit Professionals International supports our members by providing opportunities for networking,
career development and community involvement

Past President Marlene Wilcox

MarleneWilcoxPast International President Marlene Wilcox, CCCE/MPCE, died suddenly at her home in Anchorage, AK,on October 3, 2011. She was 79 years old. A native of Yuma, AZ, Marlene moved to Anchorage in 1972. She had a long career with the Municipality of Anchorage, holding the positions of Senior Collector, Collections Supervisor and Training Supervisor.

In 1987, she received the Distinguished Service Award for Municipal Utilities Credit & Collection. Five years later, she and the six collectors she supervised were named Employees of the Month for drastically reducing the bad debt index. She was also chosen, out of 230 employees of Municipal Light & Power, as Employee of the Year for 1992. {readmorelink}Read more..{/readmorelink}



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