Credit Professionals International’s MISSION STATEMENT

To support the members of Credit Professionals International by providing

opportunities for networking, career development and community involvement.

This is why CPI is offering   for our members that will sponsor a program in their local high school.

  It is a personal financial program geared to teach children life skills needed today.

  This programs is FREE to the schools. The cost is picked up by sponsors like Credit Professionals International!

 Here is a excellent article explaining the program!

Students begin by taking a pre-test to determine a baseline. They then engage in life scenarios, where they have a job, rent, car payment, and other such life expenses & income.Through the scenario they choose they learn how to navigate situations that arise, such as car broke down, what now? Health issues happen –what do I do?  At the end of the program another test is taken to determine skills learned.

Teachers may register multiple classes. They may ask the sponsor (CPI Member) to their classroom to speak to the students.

The program already meets state standards and is currently used in all 50 states, just not every school.

Many banks and credit unions are alreadysponsors, but more are needed. Which is why CPI is a great fit.


CPI’s mission statement is to provide community involvement. You can further your career by becoming a sponsor and network

with teachers and others that are choosing to be a sponsor. To see a list of the schools available, login to the members section.


To sponsor Banzai through CPI you must be a CPI member.

If you wish to be a sponsor the application will be available soon in the members section, just login for more information.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.  

         Students tackle real life problems with  LS Cover  Life Scenarios™ exposes them to real-life adult financial dilemmas.

Whether it's navigating taxes or paying auto insurance,  Banzai introduces students to the real world.

          For more information see:  
                              Read Another Article     


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