The Foundation is excited to announce that it has recently designated funds that can used to fund educational grants to CPI locals and CPI members.

Here are the Grant Guidelines and the Grant Application. The Foundations Board of Directors would encourage our members to take advantage of the grant funds and use the grant funds for local credit educational programs.  

As funds are available, the Credit Education Resources Foundation provides grants to help carry out our main purpose of educating the general public in the wise use of credit. The bad check school started by CPI of Jackson Tennessee is an example of the type of program that will be considered for funding.

In order to apply for a grant, complete the above grant application and return to the President of the Credit Education Resources Foundation. The final decision will be made by the Board of Directors of the Credit Education Resources Foundation. 


2015 Grant Requests

Grant Requests: Hutchinson   

District 3&4 Conference Scholarship 

District 3&4 Student Member Scholarships 

District 8 Conference Scholarships

  Grants Decision:

                           Hutchinson: Approved for $1675  

  District 3&4 Conference Scholarship:Declined

District 3&4 Student Member Scholarship: Approved

District 8: Approved for $2000-to be re-evaluated yearly



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