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A Guide To Taking Charge of Your Financial Life -- Available on CD (73 minutes)

Section 1. Introduction and Getting Started: Introduction to credit and what is needed to obtain credit.

Section 2. How Credit Works: An explanation of the credit process, credit scoring, and other factors related to how credit decisions are made.

Section 3. Credit and Credit Cards: Covers credit in general and credit cards. Includes information on: Finding the best deal, Cost of Credit, Discussion of how much credit you need.

Section 4. You and Your Credit Record: Why your credit record is important, Things that affect your credit record, and What to do if you have a credit problem.

Section 5. You and Your Money, Part 1: Sources of Money, Banking (checking, savings, deposits, withdrawals, ATM's, debit cards).

Section 6. You and Your Money, Part 2:. Managing your money, Budgeting.

Section 7. Protection Against Fraud: Your identity, Your bank accounts, Your credit cards, What to do if you are a victim.