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You've worked long hours in the credit industry, gone to school and provided credit education for consumers. What's your reward?

You can become a Certified Credit Professional through CPI's certification program. Credit Professionals International offers four levels of certification. You receive points based on your education level, your years of employment in the industry, your credit education efforts, continuing education and participation in credit association activities.

Professional certification is a means of verifying, through a third party, your undergraduate and graduate education, work experience, continuing education efforts, published works, speaking engagements, and involvement in professional organizations.

Certification enables you to make your clients, customers, colleagues,employers and others with whom you do business aware of the knowledge and skill you have invested in your career in the credit industry.

The certification designation behind your name, on your letterhead and on the certificate displayed on your wall signifies your expertise in your profession.

When someone asks what the certificate or the designation means, you can then tell them about your educational background, work experience, continuing education pursuits, involvement in professional organizations, and leadership skills.


  • Showcases your expertise
  • Helps you advance your career
  • Recognizes your accomplishments
  • Encourages you to set career development goals
  • Stimulates you to take an active role in your profession

Credit Professionals International (CPI) is the primary organization that offers an excellent certification program to anyone working in the credit industry. Founded in 1930, CPI has long recognized the value of
education, experience and leadership skills. It began its Professional Credit Certification program in 1996.

CPI offers these certifications:

  • Professional Credit Associate (PCA)
  • Professional Credit Specialist (PCS)
  • Professional Credit Executive (PCE)
  • Master Professional Credit Executive (MPCE)

Those certified at a lower level can apply to upgrade their certification.  All certified professionals must recertify every five years. Applications for certification are reviewed and approved by a CPI leader holding the Master Professional Credit Executive certification. A small fee is charged for processing a certification. Those approved receive a certificate suitable for framing.

Anyone who works in the credit industry is eligible to apply for certification in the program offered by Credit Professionals International.  Fields include, but are not limited to:

  • Collections
  • Credit Counseling
  • Banking
  • Mortgage Industry
  • Credit Management

Download the Professional Credit Certification application.

Complete the application form, attach documentation and mail it, together with the applicable fee, to:

Credit Professionals International

PO Box 220714

St Louis, Mo 63122

If you have any questions about Certification or the application process, please call:  314-821-9393 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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