Credit Professionals International


 .Credit Professionals International supports our members by providing opportunities

               for networkingcareer development and community involvement





The MISSION STATEMENT of Credit Professionals International states: To support the members of Credit Professionals International by providing opportunities for networking, career development and community involvement. A critical component of successful networking and career development takes

places each year by attending the international conferences held each year.

The attendance to the International conference also provides exposure to

educational workshops, interaction with international officers and members from other Districts and active participation in the business of running the corporation

are also important to growing new leaders.

Due to the rising cost of attending conferences and the lack of employer financial support, conference attendance is declining year after year. By offering a scholarships based on active participation and contribution to CPI,

the Foundation seeks to leverage this incentive to encourage members

(new and existing) to attend the International conference and to increase attendance to the International conference in hopes of mentoring potential new leaders.

The goals of the conference scholarship program are to:

Reward and invest in new and existing members that demonstrate

outstanding service by providing some financial assistance to attend international

conferences, to encourage them to remain fully engaged.

         Provide mentorship opportunities for potential future leadership candidates

through participation in CPI conference activities and meetings with existing

leaders in preparation for assuming officer responsibilities.

         Improve attendance of international conference and enhance educational


With these goals in mind, the program is to ensure each member of any District is given an opportunity to grow and excel through CPI conference attendance.

The Foundation would like to provide a total of one scholarship of $500 to each District over the next 2 years and re-access the program and amount.

  • Four individual $500 scholarships one to each District per International conference

Success measurements will be:

  • Increased conference attendance
  • Increased number of willing and able officer candidates ready to lead
  1. Eligibility:
    1. Eligibility to apply for a conference scholarship shall be dependent upon being a member in accordance with ARTICLE IV, Section 2.A or an

At-Large member in accordance with ARTICLE IV, Section B, and be in good standing with CPI. (i.e. dues paid)

  1. Qualifications:
    1. Member shall write a letter of no more than 200 words;

Explaining why the Foundation Grant committee should grant them a scholarship.

  1. Submit the letter to the Foundation Grant Committee no later than

March 1st of the conference year.

  1. Remittance:
    1. Foundation Grant committee will notify the scholarship recipients via email, mail, or other electronic means.
    2. If application accepted, member must use the funds for conference expenses only (air fare, conference fee, and hotel).
    3. Foundation Grant Committee will ensure the scholarship recipients

                 are mailed a check for the full amount of the scholarship.