Credit Professionals International


 .Credit Professionals International supports our members by providing opportunities

               for networkingcareer development and community involvement


The MISSION STATEMENT of Credit Professionals International states: To support the members of
Credit Professionals International by providing opportunities for networking, career development and
community involvement. A critical component of successful networking and career development takes
places each year by attending the district and international conferences held each year.
Under the International Bylaw Article IV, students are eligible for membership under Class A – Local
Association and Class B – International. This proposal outlines a formal student program and
certification criteria.

Student Program:

The goals of the student program are to:

1. Provide financial literacy education to students – credit, budgeting, saving, investing, etc.
2. Provide growth opportunities through participation in CPI activities
3. Use the knowledge of the students to build programs to attract younger members
4. Future CPI membership: With these goals in mind, the program is designed to ensure the students and the local organizations
invest time and effort in each category of Education and Participation.

The goals of the Student Member Scholarship program are to:

 Reward and invest in student members whom demonstrate full participation in a local association, have successfully completed certification, and served in the
 Encourage student members to further their education with the assistance of a scholarship to provide for essentials such as a laptop and/or books, etc.
 Provide opportunities for student members to make a lasting impression on CPI through regular contributions of articles, presentations, and special projects.
Through the expansion of the Student Member program, International would like to provide a total of four scholarships to deserving advanced degree or college bound students in 2016.
$500 scholarships -- Scholarship Application