Credit Professionals International


 .Credit Professionals International supports our members by providing opportunities

               for networkingcareer development and community involvement

Year Recipient Member From District Conference Site
1986 Helen B Sawyers Salem, Oregon 10 St Louis, MO
1987 Edith Shaw Johnson Portland, OR 10 Spokane, WA
1987 Donna Beck     Seattle, WA
1987 Corrie Edmondson Atlanta, GA 3&4 Seattle, WA
1994 Kitty Lofton Atlanta, GA 3&4 Louisville, KY
1995 Lorna Collins Winston Salem 3&4 St Louis, MO
1995 Mary Floyd  Portland, OR 10 St Louis, MO
2004 Nona Ellzey Jackson, MS 3&4 Atlanta, GA
2007 Gail Ottinger Kinston, NC 3&4 Portsmouth,VA
2007 Sue Heusing Illiana, IL 5 Portsmouth,VA
2009 Charlotte Maness Albemarle, NC 3&4 Silverdale, WA
2009 LeFrance Grubbs Pendleton, OR 10 Silverdale, WA
2009 Joyce Dove Atlanta, GA 3&4 Silverdale, WA

Charles Smith, Sr VP

 San Antonio Credit Union
Non-Member Charlotte, NC
2011 Jim Plasker   Non-Member Charlotte, NC
2012  Rosealene Long  Goshen, IN  5  St Louis, MO
2012  Patricia Bivens, MPCE  Norfolk, VA 12  St Louis, MO

 Jim Peters, BSA Compliance Officer/

 Loss Prevention Advisor SACU TX
 Non-Member  St Louis, MO
2013 Charlotte Rancillio Corporate Office Employee


St Louis, MO


Anne Hammond

Atlanta, GA


Atlanta, GA


Mary Nebeker

Brigham City, UT At-Large Atlanta, GA

Mark Dwyer

Non-Member Atlanta, GA
 CREDIT PROFESSIONALS INTERNATIONAL  HALL OF FAME To give special recognition to members and non-members  who have made special contributions of a lasting nature to Credit Professionals International.
A.Member Qualifications:
  • Nominee must have been a member of Credit Professionals International for at least 15 years.
  • Nominee must be an exceptional member who has made a lasting impact or outstanding contribution for the benefit of Credit Professionals International2
B.Non-Member Qualifications:
  • An individual, not a member of Credit Professionals International, but who has made a lasting impact
 or outstanding contribution for the benefit of Credit Professionals International.    
 Nominations  are received by the Advisory Committee and forwarded to the Executive Committee for final selection.
  • Recipients not to exceed three (3) per year.
  • Should the Executive Committee determine there is no recipient for the current year, it shall be so stated at the annual business meeting.
  • Holding International Office does not guarantee winning the award.