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   Year Name Member from District Conference Site
1 1962 Avadana Cochran Bremerton, WA 10 Spokane WA
2 1962 Ida Bell Cleveland, OH 5 Spokane WA
3 1962 Catherine Bartlett Cleveland, OH 5 Spokane WA
4 1962 Marion Brooks Baton Rouge, LA 3&4 Spokane WA
5 1962 Mabell Bliss Portland, OR 10 Spokane WA
6 1962 Edith Shaw Johnson Portland, OR 10 Spokane WA
7 1962 Mary Morgan Houston, TX 8 Spokane WA
8 1963 Ethel Dopp Spokane, WA 10 Kansas City, MO
9 1964 Pat Hughes Birmingham, AL 3&4 Denver, CO
10 1967 Martha Bean Gleason Washington, DC 12 Vancouver, BC
11 1968 Kitty Lofton Atlanta, GA 3&4 St Paul, MN
12 1970 Helen B Sawyers Salem, OR 10 St Louis, MO
13 1972 Nelle Stombs Rock Island, IL 13 Washington DC
14 1989 Lorna Collins Winston Salem, NC 3&4 San Antonio, TX
15 1994 Sue Heusing So Sub Chicago, IL 13 Louisville, KY
16 1994 Barbara Hinman Ithaca, NY 1 Louisville, KY
17 1994 Hazel Knopp Calgary, BC 10 Louisville, KY
18 1995 Martha Philip So Sub Chicago, IL 13 Atlanta, GA
19 2006 Gail Ottinger Kinston, NC 3&4 Wichita, KS
20 2007 Cindy Westenhofer Indianapolis, IN 5 Portsmouth, VA


HONORARY MEMBERSHIP in Credit Professionals International may be awarded on four levels: local, state (if applicable), district and international. To qualify for international honorary membership, it is necessary that the candidate must have served in an outstanding capacity on the international level.  This does not mean that merely holding an international office, even that of President, entitles one to international honorary membership. This would depend on what had been accomplished for the international organization during and after term as officer or committee chairman. Naturally participation in local association (where applicable) and district would have some bearing on contributions to international, as the candidate would not have reached the higher level without first having served the local association, state (where applicable) and district. Each candidate must be considered on his/her own merits. The Advisory Committee will screen all nominations and will forward to the Executive Committee for final selection. A plaque will be presented to the recipient. The plaque should be ordered by the President.

(CPI Standing Rules)